My Loyalty To My Party Ends Where My Loyalty To My Country Begins

“My loyalty to my party ends where my loyalty to my country begins”
- Manuel Luis Quezon

People might have forgotten about him, the president of the Commonwealth Republic, I on the other hand, cannot. Aside from the fact that the province where I came from is named after him, I always remember his famous quote whenever I see politicians dance, sing and sometimes make a fool of themselves just to entertain the voters (it is indeed true that the Philippine politics provides the entertainment, not taking into consideration the star studded line up of the Senate *wink*). It is very timely that I write this blog since it was just few days back that the Philippines have made another history by having the first automated election.

The COMELEC haven’t declared Noynoy as president yet, but I’m somehow sure, based on the online results, that he is going to be the 15th president of the Philippines. I am not a very good citizen; I wasn’t even able to vote this election. I’ve told myself that for the next 6 years I shouldn’t complain since I haven’t done my rightful duty to my country, to vote. So I’ll leave the complaints to my fellow citizens (who painstakingly waited and queue under the heat of the sun just to cast their votes) and just blog about the things that I think should be taken into consideration by the next president.

My two cents, Noynoy’s loyalty to his party (Liberal) must end where his loyalty to our country (the Philippines) begins. I have watched the Philippines politics albeit from a farther perspective but it always boils down to “utang na loob”, the need to give back what others have given you. I know a lot of individuals have helped Noynoy, be it moral or financial support, I know some are genuine but I doubt that everyone is genuinely helping him without their personal interests. Drop the “utang na loob”; we need a president with moral responsibility to the country and not just a certain few.

To Noynoy, being the head of the state isn’t an easy task, people will always hurl something bad at you, don’t lose hope but make use of these critics to improve yourself as a leader for the betterment of the country. Live up to the expectations of the masses and that of your parents.

As for the Filipino people, before complaining, let’s try to follow first, I know that good governance plays a major role in a country’s development but it is also up to the people to make the society a better place to live. We owe it to the next generation. We owe it to ourselves to make our lives easier.

I’m not a Noynoy fan, I even told my colleagues that I’d rather vote for Kris instead of him. I find him weak but the majority votes for him and with that I respect the masses and hopes that Noynoy will never let us down.


If I were Noynoy, I’ll have Gibo and Gordon in my cabinet. Let’s face it, they are good. :)

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